Chapter 11: Specialist care of the older person: A person-centred, biographical approach

1. The incidence of falls in older people aged 65 years and older is ______.

  1. 5 older people per year
  2. 3 older people per year
  3. 2 older people per year
  4. 1 in 10 older people per year

Answer: B

2. What is the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment?

  1. an online assessment tool that can be used to support a detailed assessment of an older person
  2. a research tool used to measure cognitive status
  3. an assessment tool used in secondary care by Geriatricians to measure cognitive impairment
  4. an in-depth, person centred assessment tool that can be used to measure frailty and the health needs of older people.

Answer: D

3. How much functional ability do sedentary older people use each year?

  1. 10%
  2. 0.1–0.2%
  3. 1–2%
  4. 20%

Answer: C

4. A biographical approach to care planning includes ______.

  1. sharing parts of your life story with the older person to develop rapport
  2. recording in the care document the older person’s everyday events and people important to them
  3. recognizing the unique assets of each person, what is significant to them and encouraging the older person to talk about how they approach their life to effectively plan their care
  4. recording the older person’s main profession, hobbies and interests in the care documentation

Answer: C

5. The condition delirium refers to ______.

  1. a type of progressive dementia that affects brain function and causes memory loss
  2. a symptom of frontal lobe dementia that affects behaviour and functioning
  3. a condition that is acute in onset, can be intermittent and may be treatable or avoided once the underlying cause is identified
  4. a confusional state that affects people with Alzheimer’s disease type dementia

Answer: B