Chapter 12: Caring for adults with long term conditions

Journal Article 12.1: Morgan, S. and Yoder, L.H. (2012) ‘A concept analysis of person-centered care’, Journal of Holistic Nursing, 30(1): 6-15.

Description: This article uses Walker and Avants’s method of concept analysis as a framework to analyze PCC.


Recommended readings

Journal Article 12.2: Burd, H. and Hallsworth, M. (2016) Supporting Self Management. A Guide to Enabling Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Using Person and Community Centred Approaches. The Health Foundation, NESTA and NHS England.

Description: A guide written for people supporting individuals living with long-term conditions.


Journal Article 12.3: Collins, A. (2014) Measuring What Really Matters. Towards a Coherent Measurement System to Support Patient Centred Care. London: The Health Foundation.

Description: A paper written to stimulate thought, discussion and reflection on the principles and core constituents of patient centred care and the steps needed to develop a coherent way to measure patient-centredness.


Journal Article 12.4: Ewing, G. Austin, A., Diffin, J. and Grande, G. (2015) ‘Developing a person centred approach to carer assessment and support,’ British Journal of Community Nursing, 20(12): 580-584. doi:10.12968/bjcn.2015.20.12.580.

Description: In this paper, the research team provides an overview of the development of the Carers Needs Assessment Tool and the benefits for both carers and practitioners arising from using the CSNAT as a person-centred approach in practice. The authors outline the five stages of the CSNAT approach to assist practitioners wishing to implement the CSNAT in practice.