Chapter 15: Palliative care for adults

Journal Article 15.1: Cavaye, J. and Watts, J.H. (2010) ‘End-of-life education in the pre-registration nursing curriculum: patient, carer, nurse and student perspectives’, Journal of Research in Nursing, 17(4): 317–326.

Description: Drawing on literature mainly from the UK and USA, this review explores from the perspectives of students, newly qualified nurses, patients and carers the outcomes of EOL education. It reviews the evidence to determine whether newly qualified nurses are adequately prepared to deliver quality care to patients at the end of their lives.


Journal Article 15.2: Lovell, A. and Yates, P. (2014) ‘Advanced care planning in palliative care: a systematic literature review of the contextual factors influencing its uptake 2008-2012’, Palliative Medicine, 28(8): 1026-1035.

Description: A systematic literature review which identifies contextual factors influencing the uptake of Advance Care Planning in palliative care between 2008-2012.


Journal Article 15.3: Van Mechelen, W., Aertgeerts, B., De Ceulaer, K., Thoonsen, B., Vermandere, M., Warmenhoven, F., Van Rijswijk, E. and De Lepeleire, J. (2012) ‘Defining the palliative care patient: a systematic review’, Palliative Medicine, 27(3): 197-208.

Description: The aim of this article is to propose minimum characteristics that define a palliative care patient.


Journal Article 15.4: Vedel, I., Ghadi, G., Lapointe, L., Routelous, C., Aegerter, P. and Guirimand, F. (2013) ‘Patients’, family caregivers’, and professionals’ perspectives on quality of palliative care: a qualitative study’, Palliative Medicine, 28(9): 1128-1138.

Description: The objectives of this study were to identify (1) convergences and divergences in the points of view of different stakeholders (patients, families, healthcare professionals) relative to key elements of the quality of palliative care and (2) avenues for refining existing indicators of quality of palliative care.


Recommended readings

Journal Article 15.5: Davies, N., Maio, L., Rait, G. and Iliffe, S. (2014) ‘Quality end-of-life care for dementia: what have family carers told us so far? A narrative synthesis’, Palliative Medicine, 28(7): 919-930.

Description: A paper which explores what quality end-of-life care for dementia is from the perspective of family carers.