Chapter 4: Inter-professional and multidisciplinary team working

Journal Article 4.1: Mitchell, R.J., Parker, V. and Giles, M. (2011) ‘When do interprofessional teams succeed? Investigating the moderating roles of team and professional identity in interprofessional effectiveness,’ Human Relations, 64(10): 1321-1343.

Description: This study investigates the role of professional identity threat and team identity as moderators of the relationship between diverse composition and the performance of interprofessional teams.


Recommended readings

Journal Article 4.2: Weller, J., Boyd, M. and Cumin, D. (2014) ‘Teams, tribes and patient safety: Overcoming barriers to teamwork in healthcare,’ Postgrad Medical Journal, 90: 149-154. doi:10.1136/postgradmedj-2012-131168.

Description: Outlines a 7-step plan to overcome barriers to effective team working which incorporates educational, organisational and psychological strategies.


Book Chapter 4.1: O’ Route, M., Crowley, M., Eigenbrode, S.D. and Wulfhost, J.D. (Eds). (2014) Enhancing Communication and Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Team Work. London: Sage.

Description: Contains previously unpublished, state-of-the-art chapters on interdisciplinary communication and collaboration written by leading figures and promising junior scholars in the world of interdisciplinary research, education, and administration. Designed to inform both teaching and research, this innovative book covers the spectrum of interdisciplinary activity, offering a timely emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary work. The book’s four main parts focus on theoretical perspectives, case studies, communication tools, and institutional perspectives, while a final chapter ties together the various strands that emerge in the book and defines trend-lines and future research questions for those conducting work on interdisciplinary communication.