Chapter 8: Leadership and management

Web Link 1: Mind tools

Description: A toolkit of free learning resources including micro modules and videos focusing on the development of leadership and management skills.

Web Link 2: The free management library

Description: This comprehensive site provides access to online articles to develop yourself, other individuals, groups and organization.

Web Link 3: The five dimensions of courageous followership

Description: Provides a useful framework when considering areas for personal development and includes links to various followership articles, videos and podcasts

Web Link 4: NHS Leadership Academy

Description: The Academy support nurses and other NHS health care professionals to develop the necessary leadership skills by providing a series of leadership programmes, including the Edward Jenner Leadership Programme which is especially applicable to newly qualified and aspiring leaders and is available free to all staff working in the NHS.

Web Link 5: Leadership theories

Description: This short YouTube video clip which provides a useful succinct overview of ten leadership theories.

Web Link 6: Leadership and followership questionnaires (linked to activity 8.1)

Description: Provides a link to a variety of leadership questionnaires and self-development resources: Questionnaire 1 – conceptualizing leadership, Questionnaire 2 – leadership traits, Questionnaire 3 – leadership strengths, Questionnaire 4 – leadership styles, Questionnaire 6 – leadership skills.

Web Link 7: Thomas and Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (linked to activity 8.8)

Description: Provides a link to the TKCMI self-assessment tool.