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Welcome to the companion website for An Introduction to Coaching Skills, Second Edition by Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

The videos on this website have been filmed or selected to demonstrate the key skills and processes of a coaching conversation. Featuring over 70 videos of real coaching, with examples of concepts from all chapters in the book, this website provides you with a rare opportunity to peek into the coaching space.

Certain chapters also feature additional resources, such as:

All the resources on this site have been aligned to the chapters in the book. Just click on the links to the left.

SAGE Publishing gratefully acknowledge Growth Coaching International for providing some of the videos used on this website.


How to log in:

Click on any chapter in the left hand menu. You will be prompted to log in and then input your access code which can be found in the inside front cover of your book. Once you've redeemed your code, you will have access to all the content on this website.


About the book:

This text is an invaluable resource for novice and trainee coaches. Its accessible, step-by-step style acquaints you with the key skills needed to become a successful coach. It takes you from the ‘how to’, through to practicalities and challenges, and beyond to the continued development of your skills.

There is even more packed into the new edition, with:

  • a closer look at coaching processes and models to support your understanding
  • new activities (including templates to download) to try with clients
  • stories from practice to give context to the skills being discussed.

A worldwide success, this is a stimulating, inspiring and hugely practical book that you’ll come back to time and time again.


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