Chapter Summary

Now we come to the second of the four implementation chapters. The questions underpinning chapter 5 are: how do you design your insider action research project? How do you implement it? This chapter explores how you may design and implement an action research project in a system, whether in an organization, be it a company, a hospital, a school or a unit/department or service within your organization. The action research process in your own organization follows the general empirical method and action research cycle introduced in Chapter 1. This involves enacting the activities in Exercise 5.1. These actions are the basic steps in any change management project and captured in figure 5.2. Accompanying engagement in these activities is the utilization of the general empirical method where you are being attentive, intelligent, responsible and responsible in how the change activities are being enacted. Exercise 5.2 is essential in this regard and may be considered to be the most important exercise in the book as it challenges to consider both the action and your thinking at the same time.