Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources Site

The following resources are avialable to students:

  • Author Video:  watch a video about the “Making-of” of the video tutorials
  • Online Readings: Links to journal articles related to issues computer-assisted qualitative data analysis
  • Sample Datasets: six datasets including a range of topics and media types.
  • Glossary: A glossary is provided online to allow you to check definitions even when you away from your book.
  • Chapter Resources : take advantage of the chapter specific resources indicated in your textbook
  • Video Tutorials: watch video tutorials on these topics:
    • Proposing a new method
    • Setting up a project
    • Setting up a team project
    • Importing survey data
    • Technical aspects of coding
    • How to build a coding system (not uploaded yet)
    • Working with copy bundle files
    • Mastering the query tool (not uploaded yet)
    • Working with Network Views
    • Working with hyperlinks
    • On code hierarchies
    • How to create a code book