Praise for the Author


This weighty tome is a very useful reference for many types of questions that arise when considering research in the real world. It is well set out with colourful graphics, text boxes and tables which make finding information required an easy task. The case studies provided enable an insight into the process of refinement which can so often be invisible.

Miriam Walker

Faculty of Education, Winchester University

This is a comprehensive text which takes the reader step by step through the research process. It also actively engages the reader and as such provides a sociological researcher.

Juliette Wilson

Faculty of Arts, Media & Social Science, Salford University

Covers a broad range of aspects related to conducting a research study. Useful learning resources – well set out, breaking topics into small 'digestable' chunks!

Stephanie Revell

Health and Wellbeing, University of Cumbria

This is the single best introduction to research for all of the areas I teach – Counselling, Psychology, Education, and Health & Social Care. Quite simply the blend of information written in a highly approachable manner and exercises designed to embed and enhance the knowledge acquired is superb. I have encouraged students who profess to a hatred of research to read this text and in what appears to be a remarkably short time later held a tutorial with a radically transformed individual enthused by the discipline.

In truth whenever I feel at all jaded with my own research practice or just want to revisit the basics in preparation for a seminar or some such event, I consult Gray and am soon feeling lifted once more. Nothing short of a rave review I feel!

Andrew Thorne

Bristol Centre for Care, Health & Education, City of Bristol College

Gray offers a concise yet comprehensive guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking for ways of making sense of their scholarly work to practitioners and user communities. The volume is structured around engagement with students' queries and issues that often hamper students' ability to relate research to their life outside academia. It starts with an overview of research methodologies and benchmarking impact these have on our understanding of approaches to data collection, analyses and presentation. An exhaustive section of the book is dedicated to reporting different issues an early career researcher is likely to expect, and importantly, offers an encouraging set of suggestions to cope with these.

Timofey Agarin

Politics, International Studies & Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast

Doing Research in the Real World is an excellent, comprehensive resource for research students and academics, which effectively communicates the fundamentals of research to an interdisciplinary audience. The book provides an in depth understanding of the relationship between ontology, epistemology, research methodology and methods as well as the complexity of data collection, analysis and synthesis. Intertwined with the real world context, this book is particularly useful in helping research students understand and navigate the complex nature of research."

Emma Murphy

Lecturer in Design Management, Lancaster University

This is a very good book; it provides a genuinely insightful approach to methods, rather than the more bog-standard textbooks, this one offers a more 'realistic' overview of methods.

Daniel Bloyce

Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport and Exercise, University of Chester

Gray skilfully explains daunting concepts, such as the philosophy of research, in an unpretentious manner, and, as the book progresses, builds the readers’ confidence in their own knowledge and abilities. The interactive nature of the book and its use of videos is a real strength, making it easier to engage with, and, along with the quality of the content, engaging.

This book is a valuable resource for those undertaking research in the social sciences and therefore deserves a place on the bookshelves of undergraduates and postgraduates alike, as well as those involved in their teaching.

Christina Dobson
PhD Student, School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University


An insightful, thought-provoking and well-balanced critical review of coaching and mentoring written by some of the field’s most eminent scholars.

Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Associate Professor of Coaching, Henley Business School

This is the definitive word on coaching and mentoring from the field's leading authorities. Even if you are an experienced coach or mentor, this book will open your eyes.

Joshua Ehrlich, Chairman, Global Leadership Council

This book offers well-rounded discussions with a range of engaging learning activities to deepen insights and enhance reflective practice.

Frances Hayes, Professional Coach for Change