Chapter 1: Challenges of Living in a Global Community

1. Which of the following statements does the example of the Silk Road illustrate?

  1. connection between cultures has a long history
  2. connection between cultures occurred after modern transport systems were used
  3. connection between cultures did not take place in Asia in those early days
  4. connection between cultures was possible only because of trade in early days

Answer: A

2. According to the survey conducted to 10,000 people by the Internet Society in 2012, what is the percentage of people in the sample who accessed social media daily?

  1. 90%
  2. 60%
  3. 50%
  4. 40%

Answer: B

3. Which of the following statements best describes global transformation?

  1. global climate change
  2. more competition in workplaces
  3. less distance to travel to work
  4. worldwide economic and technological changes

Answer: D

4. According to the Population Division of the Department for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, which country hosted the most international students between 2016 and 2016?

  1. Australia
  2. South Africa
  3. the United States
  4. United Kingdom

Answer: C

5. Ethnic shops, such as restaurants, take-away shops, groceries stores, have become a symbol of cultural diversity. Which of the following is NOT identified as a reason for migrants to set up ethnic businesses?

  1. freedom to be their own boss
  2. dreams of financial security
  3. to be independent from their relatives
  4. to have autonomy in their choice of work

Answer: C

6. Multiculturalism is a complex concept. What does multiculturalism refer to at the descriptive level?

  1. people’s tolerance of diversity
  2. people’s acceptance of equal societal participation
  3. presence of symbols of cultural diversity
  4. people’s acceptance of equal societal participation and presence of symbols of cultural diversity

Answer: C

7. Which of the following best describes ethnocentrism?

  1. the belief that one’s own culture is superior to others
  2. the belief that a culture should be valued in its context
  3. the belief that all cultural stereotypes are accurate
  4. the belief that ethnic cultural characteristics are unique to the ethnic group

Answer: A

8. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons for the concerns among the political and religious leaders with regard to the popularity of Turkish soap operas in the Arab world, according to the case study?

  1. the spread of Turkish culture with the media products
  2. The Turkish soap operas deal with topics such as sex, love, and divorce.
  3. The TV shows represent an inaccurate Muslim society.
  4. The Turkish soap operas are watched mainly by housewives.

Answer: D

9. Held and McGrew identified three different perspectives on globalization. Which of the following statements best characterizes a globalist perspective?

  1. Globalization is an inevitable development which cannot be resisted or significantly influenced by human intervention.
  2. Globalization is influenced particularly through traditional political institutions, such as nation-states.
  3. Globalization as a new phase has been exaggerated because most economic and social activity is regional, rather than global.
  4. Globalization represents a significant shift, but there is still significant scope for national, local and other agencies.

Answer: A

10. Which of the following statements is a key difference between Malay and North American employees, as identified by the text?

  1. Malay employees value individuality whereas American employees emphasize interdependence.
  2. Malay employees value family harmony whereas American employees emphasize harmony.
  3. Malay employees value respect for seniority whereas American employees emphasize personal achievements.
  4. Malay employees value task orientation whereas American employees emphasize relationship orientation.

Answer: C