Chapter 10: Emerging Terrorist Environments: Gender-Selective Political Violence and Criminal Dissident Terrorism

Meagan Auer and colleagues use the concept of intersectionality to explore the ways in which female terrorists are represented in news media. Javed Bahri critically assesses the effectiveness and failures of Western gender-focused policies in Afghanistan. Vandana Bhatia and Andy Knight discuss the role of female suicide bombers in the Tamil Separatist terrorist group, and compare it to the lack of female suicide terrorists among Kashmir Insurgents. Patricia Bibes assesses political violence emanating from Colombia’s multifaceted political groupings. Delgado-Ramos and Silvina examine how U.S. administrations have focused on issues such as security and the fight against narco-insurgency and terrorism. Alessandra Gonzalez and colleagues explore the role of gender in far-right, environmental, and animal rights extremism and find that in contrast to men, relationships are catalysts for women’s involvement in domestic terrorism.

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