Chapter 2: The Nature of the Beast: Defining Terrorism

H.H.A. Cooper investigates the difficulty in defining terrorism within the context of the many different approaches to identifying the problem. Barry Denton contributes an interesting book review on criminological perspectives of terrorism and homeland security. Charlotte Heath-Kelly discusses the school of Critical Terrorism Studies, and explores the emancipatory nature of the field from a philosophical perspective. Stathis Kalyvas offers a definitional analysis of the ethnic war model. In his discussion of legal conventions which address the problem of terrorism, Zdislaw Galicki investigates legalistic approaches to defining and dealing with terrorism. Mills, Freilich, and Chermak assess the conceptual relationship between hate crimes and terrorism. The U.S. Department of State and National Intelligence Council reports are useful reviews of the global terrorist environment. Kirill Zhirkov and colleagues explore the different perceptions of terrorism and world politics among Muslim groups in numerous Middle-Eastern and European countries.


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