Select SAGE journal articles

Select SAGE journal articles that allow you to read more widely and see real world examples of qualitative data and coding for data analysis.

This is a selected listing of SAGE journal article titles related to qualitative research and inquiry that employ coding for data analysis. They are organized by The Coding Manual’s chapters and methods profiles, though some overlap with other profiles is possible.  

In addition to these specific articles, check SAGE’s complete journal catalogue for titles devoted exclusively to the topic (e.g., Qualitative Inquiry, Qualitative Research), journal titles with a disciplinary focus (e.g., Qualitative Health Research, Qualitative Social Work, Field Methods), and journals that regularly feature qualitative research articles (e.g., American Educational Research Journal, Evaluation, New Media & Society).

Check back periodically for additional entries to the bibliography. If you have a SAGE article suggestion for an entry, please e-mail complete bibliographic information to the author: