Completing the SAGE Permissions Log

The Permissions Log is used to record the details of any third party content requiring permission or that has license restrictions, as well as the details of any identifiable people appearing in a publication.  As licenses, agreements, and releases for a project are obtained (the Permissions File), any restrictions detailed in these documents should be noted on the log. 

The Permissions Log is available in either word or excel format.  You can access them in the Forms section.

Include on the Permissions Log

Any content that:

  • Contains personal rights concerns
  • Is being used by permission
    • Including content from another SAGE owned publication
    • Including author created content previously published with another publisher
  • Is being used under any kind of license terms
    • Including STM
    • Including Creative Commons

Does not need to be included on the Permissions Log

Any content that:

  • Is being used under Fair Use
    • Unless it contains personal rights concerns
  • Is Public Domain
    • Unless it contains personal rights concerns
  • Author created content, created for this publication
    • Including author created content being carried over from previous edition

Important Points

  • Each column of the log should be filled out.
    • See the Legend on the log template for detail on each column.
  • The items listed on the log should be ordered chronologically as they appear in the book.
  • Credit lines are important.
    • If the perm agreement specifies a particular credit line, the log should indicate it EXACTLY.
    • If no specific credit line is required, indicate “Production to create.”
      • You must include full source info.
  • In the restrictions columns, only indicate “No Restrictions” if we have received permission for Worldwide distribution, all languages, all formats, life of the edition, all future editions and versions.

Author Confirmation

Once the log is finalized, it must be sent via email to the author to confirm that all content requiring permission has been accounted for. The author can respond with an email for the record.  Here is a suggested message to the Author:

Dear <Author Name>,Attached please find a copy of the final permissions log for your upcoming project.  As you know, this document is an important organizational tool for documenting the third-party material included in your manuscript requiring permission. Completeness and accuracy on this log will help streamline development and production, as well as simplify tasks for any future editions. In accordance with your author/editor agreement, you have warranted that you will identify and obtain all required permissions and/or releases needed for any third-party material contained within the manuscript. In addition, for all photographs you have personally taken, you must also obtain a visual likeness release from any identifiable person(s) in the photo. Please review this log to ensure that all third-party material appearing within your work requiring permission is accurately listed, and that all necessary permission has been obtained.  If the log is complete, please email me to confirm.  Please also contact us ASAP if there are any items missing, so we can address any additional permissions needed as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. Kindest regards,<Name>

Quick Guide: Completing the SAGE Permissions Log