Updating e-rights in SMART

Electronic Rights Summary

Once all necessary permissions have been received, the Editorial Team will update the Electronic Rights fields on the Product Specifications – Contracts page. The permissions process must be complete, and the Electronic Rights fields updated, no later than 60 business days prior to publication. Otherwise, publication of the e-book will likely be delayed.  If any changes are made after that, email Caroline Desrosiers and Kay Felicano-Ballesteros to notify them of the update and any exceptions.

To update the Electronic Rights status, navigate to the contracts tab in the product SMART record, click on the electronic rights status drop-down menu and select the appropriate status from the following options:

E-rights Status:

  • E-rights Cleared: There are no e-rights restrictions in our author contract(s), and all of our third-party permission agreements allow for distribution in electronic format throughout the world.
  • E-rights Clearance in Progress: This option is used to communicate the title’s status while permissions clearance is still in progress.  It is recommended that the Electronic Rights status be updated to E-rights Clearance in Progress if the book approaches Typesetting and permissions have not been cleared. Be sure to include a note summarizing the status of the permissions.
  • E-rights Cleared with Exceptions: One or more of our third-party permission agreements do not allow for distribution in electronic format throughout the world. Clearly identify any item not cleared and describe the restrictions in the comments box. This information will be sent to the typesetter, who will redact these items the electronic file.
    • Examples: "Figure 5.3 p. 355, print rights only" or "Case 2.1 p. 56, rights limited to U.S. only"

  • E-rights Not Cleared: The majority of the material is not cleared for electronic distribution or the title has territory restrictions (usually in the case of a reader/anthology or author contract exception). Include the reason for the restriction in the comments box.
    • Examples: "This is a reader consisting primarily of third-party content used by permission. E-rights not cleared due to expense." or “Print format only per author agreement.”

Once complete, click "Save." Your Username and Date will automatically be populated. In addition, selecting “Cleared” or “Cleared with Exceptions” will trigger the automatic status update for all electronic products when the print product is published, which will feed to our website and e-book vendors and allow for customer ordering.

Notes to Remember

  • Only include restrictions that require redaction from or prevent publication of the e-book. Restrictions such as ‘10 years only,’ ‘one edition only,’ and ‘limited to 5,000 copies’ do not need to be listed.
  • When Executive Editorial approval is granted to proceed with publication without one or more permissions being received, please confirm whether the approval also extends to electronic publication. If not, please mark the titles as "E-Rights Cleared with Exceptions" and list the items in the comments.
  • Remember that if you select “E-rights Cleared” or “E-Rights Cleared with Exceptions,” the title will automatically become available for sale once the print version goes live.