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Methods in Practice

This part of the website offers plain-language accounts of what happened in ten qualitative projects.

Each has a Home Page, with succinct summary under five headings (consistent across all projects – Setting Up, The Data, Working with Data, Analysis, Reporting, and References). Behind each summary section is a detail page on that topic, and often links to other online supporting materials. Each ends with a new section, added for this third edition of the book. For those sections, I asked the authors to answer the following questions:

Qualitative Software

As this new edition of Handling Qualitative Data went to press, the field of qualitative computing celebrated a 25 year anniversary. A quarter of a century ago, the first international gathering was held for those interested in using computers in qualitative research.  You can read here the contributions to the anniversary conference, and evaluate for yourself how the field has grown and the directions of software development.