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Each Common Elements Captivate Module focuses on specific skills that workers can use with a range of consumers and families. Each module provides a brief overview of the approach and more specific detail around the steps in using particular skills.

For a more detailed description of the content of each module, as well as an explanation of how each module correlates with a chapter in the book, please refer to the Introduction to the Video Modules.

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Module 1: Relationship Building and Stages of Change

Module 2: Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Module 3: Behavioral Methods

Module 4: Acceptance-Based Strategies

Module 5: Motivational Enhancement Skills

Module 6: Problem-Solving Skills

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The funding to support the development of the Common Elements Modules came from a grant awarded to the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry with a subcontract to the University of Michigan School of Social Work from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, State of Michigan and from the University of Michigan School of Social Work Curtis Center.
Primary Investigators for this project are: Mary C. Ruffolo, Ph.D., LMSW and Brian Perron, Ph.D., from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in Ann Arbor,m MI.
The project team from the University of Michigan included:
Daphne Brydon, Sheila Boardman, Joe Demery, Hannah Greaves and Brittany Brevard.
In addition, we would like to thank the State of Michigan's Practice Improvement Steering Committee for their input throughout the selection process and in the development of the modules.
If you have any questions about the modules or the project, please contact Mary Ruffolo at