Author Video

Dr. Tracy Tuten discusses social media marketing and the best ways to use social media for business. Social media marketing allows marketers to connect with customers better than they ever have before. Tuten explains how to effectively use social media, how to promote brands using social media, and how social media differs in emerging markets.

Think Critically

Watch the video then think through the following questions to make sure you grasped the concept. 

  1. Think about the mobile games you have played and when and how you have shared your gaming experience. When you share, the game becomes social. What made you share the game? What stopped from sharing when you didn’t?
  2. How does social media connect to traditional marketing and strategy?
  3. What does it mean to be media agnostic?
  4. Think of physical product you like and how the marketing for it works in a digital space.
  5. What social software might you use to deliver your social media marketing?
  6. What devices do you use to interact with social media? How might the device you use change the customers experience?