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Operating Systems 

Internet Explorer

How do I access the CQ Press Journalism portal?

Instructors and students access the CQ Press Journalism website at this url: http://journalism.cqpress.com/Public.aspx

How do I set up my instructor account?

Go to the CQ Press Journalism website. Begin the registration process by using the “Register” button in the upper right of the site’s landing page or the “Register to Get Started” link in the middle of the page. 

CQPress Journalism Register to Get Started

Follow the steps to register for an account and, on the registration form, be sure to mark the checkbox for instructors. 

CQPress Journalism Portal Registration

How do I access my student account? 

First, purchase a textbook and modules in a bundle. Journalism modules are bundled with the below CQ Press titles:

  • Thornburg, Producing Online News, ISBN: 978-1-4522-0273-0, 2010.
  • Wenger and Potter, Advancing the Story, ISBN: 978-1-60871-994-5, 2011.

Register at CQ Press Journalism using the “Register” button in the upper right of the site’s landing page or the “Register to Get Started” link in the middle of the page. 

CQPress Journalism Register to get started

When you register on the site, you will set up a WordPress blog within CQ Press Journalism for use with assignments.

Once registered, you will need to add your class to the “My Classes” page. In order to enroll in a class, you will need a class code provided by the instructor.

After purchasing modules, you will receive an email with a module activation code and instructions. Follow the prompts in the email to activate modules. 

CQPress Journalism purchase confirmation email

Once logged into CQ Press Journalism, select “Activate Module” from the left navigation. Enter the module activation code in the field provided. Repeat this process to add modules. 

CQ Press Journalism Activate Module Access

Are there materials to help students use CQ Press Journalism portal?

Yes, a demo video for students is available.

Is this compatible with my LMS?

No, the CQ Press Journalism portal is not compatible with any LMS.

How long do I have access?

Students have access for 180 days, or the duration of the semester.

What are the main features of the product?

The CQ Press Journalism portal includes: 

  • blogs from CQ press authors 
  • online learning modules tied to textbook chapters.  
  • Interactive exercises with students writing, editing, and managing online content
  • eBook version of the relevant chapter
  • Video screencasts with technology walkthroughs
  • Quizzes with automatic grading
  • Key term flashcards
  • Topical tip sheets
  • Examples of online journalism in practice

Is there anything else I should know about this product?

To find student submissions, instructors select “My Classes” in the left nav.  Once on the page below, click on your class under “List of Classes.”

CQPress Journalism My Classes in the left navigation.

You’ll arrive at the below page—to view submissions, click on the “Submissions” button.

CQPress Journalism view submissions

On the Submitted Assignments page, click each exercise link to see the submitted assignments. 

CQPress Journalism submitted assignments

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

PDF iconCQPress_JournalismPortal_faq.pdf