The Elections of West Europa Simulation

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Internet Explorer

How do instructors register for the site? 

Please use the registration code on the card that came with your textbook or you received via email. Register at We monitor all instructor registrations. Please allow up to one business day for the approval process.  

How do students register for the site? 

Please use the registration code on the card that came with your textbook or you received via email. Once you’ve registered and logged in at, the system will ask for your access code. This code is provided by your instructor and will link you to your course’s specific simulation. You will only need to input the access code once. 

Activate your West Europa student account

How do I build a simulation?

At the Manage Your Simulations page, instructors can:

  • create new simulations,
  • view all prebuilt modules and parties,
  • create their own modules and parties. 

West Europa Manage your simulations

Each simulation is a combination of modules and parties. 

Modules are the topical parts of the simulation, for example, “The Country: Learning about West Europa.”

The Country: Learning about West Europa Module

Each module contains learning objectives, specific tasks, and additional resources. 

West Europa Note to the Instructor. If you have two classes that are simultaneously running the full simulation, consider holding two debates, back to back.

Gray boxes indicate instructor specific material. These are invisible to students and include:

  • extra context,
  • guidance, 
  • suggestions on alternative assignments,
  • templates for activities and tasks.

West Europa has six political parties, each with its own political history and policy positions. 

West Europa Political Party 1

When building your simulation, choose the number and type of modules to assign and the number and type of parties into which to divide your class. Each simulation must include at least one module and one party. It is recommended that you choose the first module, “The Country: Learning about West Europa”, as it contains valuable background information on the fictional nation. 

West Europa Edit Simulation. Select modules for this simulation.

Saving the simulation will generate an access code. Your students will need this code to enter the simulation, so be sure to distribute it on the first day of class or put it in the course syllabus. 

West Europa Manage Your Simulations Access Code

How do I edit content in the simulation?

Text with a dashed underline can be changed by the instructor. For example, instead of the students handing in a sheet, you might prefer they post on the message board. 

West Europa Text with dashed underline can be changed by instructor

Click on the text (or the icon next to it) and type the new instructions: 

West Europa Click on the text and Type new instructions

Click save: 

West Europa Saved New Text

How do I use the discussion board?

Each individual simulation has its own discussion board. Instructors can communicate with simulation participants, provide more specific instructions, or post news stories.

Students can use the discussion board to post party logos, share drafts of platforms, or debate party names. It is probably useful for someone in each group to set up a topic specifically for their party. 

West Europa Simulation discussion board

Within this topic, users can post messages or subtopics. 

West Europa Post a message or subtopic


Can I add user-created content?

Do you have extra content for modules or extra parties you’d like to load into the simulation? From Manage Simulations, click on “Create New Module” or “Create New Party.” 

West Europa User Created Modules: Create New Module

Use the text editor to enter the content. Most Microsoft Word functions (including copy and paste) are available. 

West Europa Create New Party Text Editor

The new party or Module will appear on the Manage Simulations page:

West Europa manage simulations New module appears

And will be available for any simulation you build:

West Europa Create new simulation: Select modules for this simulation

To add the party or module to an existing simulation, click on the edit button next to the simulation. You can always add more parties and modules to a simulation.

Is this compatible with my LMS?

There is not currently a course cartridge available for the simulation.

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

PDF iconWestEuropa_faq.pdf