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Conflict Complexes and Conflict Resolution

Wallensteen, Peter and Margareta Sollenberg 1998. ‘Armed Conflict and Regional Conflict Complexes, 1989–1997’, Journal of Peace Research, 35: 593–606.

Building on early results of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) the two authors observed the connections between different conflicts, particularly with respect to regional settings.  Thus, they coined the term ‘regional conflict complexes’. 

International Organsations in Conflict Resolution

On the Security Council

Wallensteen, Peter 1994. ‘Representing the World: A Security Council for the 21st Century’, Security Dialogue, 25: 63–75.

There has been a constant quest for reforms of the Security Council. Very little has happened, but there are ideas. In this article the author of Understanding Conflict Resolution outlines logical possibilities for making the Council more representative, without losing its efficiency.