Prevention and Peacebuilding


Öberg, Magnus, Frida Möller and Peter Wallensteen, 2009. ‘Early Conflict Prevention in Ethnic Crises, 1990–98: A New Dataset’, Conflict Management and Peace Science, 26 (1): 67–91.

This one of the few, systematic studies trying to ascertain whether early action actually works in preventing conflicts from escalating. It generated unexpected results.


Svensson, Isak 2009. ‘Who Brings Which Peace? Neutral versus Biased Mediation and Institutional Arrangements in Civil Wars’, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 53 (3): 446–69.

A central tenet in mediation is the importance of being unbiased and impartial. Svensson’s study questions this. This article has drawn considerable attention in the literature on mediation research.