Understanding Conflict Resolution

On the Concept of Peace

Journal of Peace Research 1964. ‘An Editorial’, Journal of Peace Research, 1 (1): 1–4.
This is a classical text that made the dichotomy of negative and positive peace well-known to the research community. Although not signed it is commonly agreed that it was written by the editor of the Journal, Johan Galtung, the founder and first editor of the Journal.

Galtung, J. 1969. ‘Violence, Peace and Peace Research’, Journal of Peace Research, 6 (3): 167–91.
In this article Galtung elaborates on the meaning of positive peace by introducing a new concept ‘structural violence’, largely in response to a critique of peace research as being too focused on ‘direct violence’, i.e. wars, conflicts and violence. The concept of structural violence has since then been used in peace research but also in other disciplines.

Regan, P. M. 2014. 'Bringing Peace Back In: Presidential address to the Peace Science Society, 2013.' Conflict Management and Peace Science, Vol. 31 (4): 345-356.
In the continued discussion on positive peace, Regan, as president of the Peace Science Society poses the challenge to the research community to put ‘peace’ in the forefront of research, thus making scholarly sense of ‘positive peace’. He also demonstrates that the dichotomy of negative and positive peace was used already in the 1950s, thus giving it a history.