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Website maintained by Adele Clarke, developer of situational analysis. Offers lists of publications and dissertations using situational analysis, a list of Clarke’s publications on research methods, a searchable and downloadable bibliography, and other resources.

Page offers resources about SA method, including lists of selected exemplars, known publications and dissertations using situational analysis, and Clarke’s publications on methods. Lists past and future workshops on situational analysis and seminar leader contacts. Includes tables of contents for the four volumes of Grounded Theory & Situational Analysis, edited by Adele E. Clarke and Kathy Charmaz (Sage, 2014), and other resources.  

Link to Adele Clarke in conversation with Reiner Keller. (2014). Engaging Complexities: Working Against Simplification as an Agenda for Qualitative Research Today. FQS Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 15(2).  

Link to video of a talk given in English by Adele Clarke at the Berlin Qualitative Workshops in 2011. Has a long introduction in German by Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller (University of Augsburg), who arranged for the German translation of Situational Analysis.

Page of the Anselm Strauss website includes a list of his publications on social worlds theory and two articles about it.

Website offers a video of Bryce R. Cassin (University of Western Sydney) answering the question in the site name.

Page of the Routledge Press website featuring both Clarke, Friese, and Washburn’s (2015) Situational Analysis in Practice: Mapping Research With Grounded Theory and Morse and colleagues’ (2009) Developing Grounded Theory: The Second Generation. Both can be ordered.

Site offers Mathar’s review (2008) “Making a Mess with Situational Analysis? Review Essay: Adele Clarke (2005). Situational Analysis—Grounded Theory After the Postmodern Turn.”

Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung/Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 9(2), Article 4 [37 paragraphs].

Website dedicated to the work of Anselm Strauss, one of the founders of grounded theory. Includes list of all his publications on grounded theory and “A Personal History of the Development of Grounded Theory” by Strauss. Also offers essays about Strauss’s work, including “On Coming Home and Intellectual Generosity,” by Adele Clarke and Susan Leigh Star; “Work Sites of an American Interactionist: Anselm L. Strauss, 1917–1996,” by Isabelle Baszanger; and “Anselm Strauss’ Grounded Theory and the Study of Work,” by Roberta Lessor.

Lecture by Kathy Charmaz, author of Constructing Grounded Theory (Sage, 2014), on “The Power and Potential of Grounded Theory.”