Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling

Contributions to a Pluralistic Practice

Welcome to the companion website supporting Mick Cooper’s Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling: Contributions to Pluralistic Practice.

This website offers a wide range of free learning resources, including:

  • Free Video Tutorials designed to introduce you to key counselling skills, which can serve as the basis for existential counselling and psychotherapy practice. To view these videos, register your details by clicking on the ‘Video Tutorials’ tab, then start watching
  • Downloadable Resources including a range of journal articles, template documents, notes from the author, additional exercises and much more

About the book:

Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling is one of the most accessible and insightful introductions to existential therapy today, using a pluralistic framework to show how existential concepts and practices can be integrated into therapeutic work, whatever your orientation.

Case studies and written dialogues illustrate theory in practice, while reflective questions and exercises help you relate notoriously complex existential themes to your own knowledge and experience. An extensive companion website builds on this further, where you can watch specially filmed video tutorials, read relevant journal articles, explore the ‘Top 10’ existential films, novels and songs, and much more.

Whether a trainee or qualified therapist, if you want to understand and employ the ideas of existential therapy this inspiring book is for you

Sample Videos

We hope you enjoy these two sample video tutorials, Using feedback measures and Helping people re-decide. Purchasers of the book can view the rest of the tutorials by clicking on the ‘Video Tutorials’ tab and registering their details for a login.

Using Feedback measures



‘One of our brightest lights delivers a practical, synergistic account of existential psychotherapy. Mick Cooper brings his passion for existentialism, pluralism, and the core principles underlying them to this superb book and companion website. For those of us committed to fostering authentic relationships, meaning, freedom, and potentiality, this is THE contemporary evidence-based guide!’

John C. Norcross, PhD – Professor of Psychology, University of Scranton and Editor of Psychotherapy Relationships That Work

‘An impressive text that is sure to enlighten readers as well as attract new aficionados.’

Professor Ernesto Spinelli, author of Practising Existential Therapy: The Relational World

‘Mick Cooper has laid down some well-placed stepping stones to ease the hazardous journey through the turmoil of human existence.’

Professor Emmy van Deurzen, Principal, Existential Academy, London

‘A perfect starting point for those new to existential therapy and also a joy for those already familiar with the terrain.’

Dr Meg John Barker, Lecturer in Psychology, The Open University



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