Get support while in the field!

Whether you’re at your desk planning your project, gathering data in the real world, or writing it all up in the library, your instant supervisor, David Silverman is here to help with resources he has curated and created to support you through every phase of your project.

define iconDefine - Methods explained: Deepen your knowledge of key concepts and methods with SAGE encyclopaedia definitions.

read iconRead the research: Find top research articles to cite and enrich your reading with your readymade bibliography of qualitative research from SAGE journals.

play iconWatch - David’s Video Tips: Avoid common pitfalls, get immediate encouragement, and ensure you are going in the right direction with help from David and his quick and practical tips for research success.

explore iconExplore - Go online: Get insider guidance from trusted experts on doing research and doing it better through this treasure chest of online resources, including YouTube videos, podcasts, researcher blogposts, and links to online articles and relevant organizations.

practice iconPractice - Datasets: Practice organizing, analysing, and drawing conclusions with data from real-world research projects.

apply iconApply – Your Exercise Workbook: Revise, reflect, and take notes with a series of exercises designed to help you apply your newfound knowledge to real-world research examples and brainstorm for your own project.

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