Case Studies

Qualitative research with documents

Chohan, U. W. (2019) ‘Documentary research: Positing innovations in a national budget process,’ SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi:10.4135/9781526469489

This case study demonstrates the challenges, potentials and limits of qualitative research with documents, here documentations of governance processes in a state. The study is written with an eye on advising readers in how to do document research and about the limits of such an approach.

  1. Why is it important to have a critical approach toward documentations and documents used in research?
  2. Why might it be important focus and reflect the authenticity and/or reliability of document?

Facebook as research issue research site and research tool

Stirling, E. (2014) ‘Using Facebook as a research site and research tool,’ SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi:10.4135/978144627305013510242

This case study is an example of using several methods such as participant observation, questionnaires and interviews to study the use of Facebook by undergraduate students. It exemplifies the links between seeing Facebook as an issue to study, as a site to do a study on and as a tool to collect data

  1. What is the boundary of your field site in such a study and why is it important to decide what it is?
  2. How to conceive the relation between the interactions, which take place on Facebook, and what is regarded as real life?

Quantitative content analysis of Facebook

Zhao, S. (2014) ‘Content analysis of Facebook pages: Decoding expressions given off,’ SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi:10.4135/978144627305013511031

This case study is an example of using quantitative content analysis for research about Facebook

  1. What are the potential ethical issues involved in studying Facebook pages without informed consent?
  2. What are the potentials and limits of using quantitative content analysis for such an issue?