Ethics Theory and Business Practice

Welcome to the companion website for Ethics Theory and Business Practice by Mick Fryer.

Everyone’s life is affected by business. Moreover, that effect grows more significant as businesses get more powerful and as we come to depend more and more on them for the things that help us lead healthy, prosperous, and contented lives. It is hardly surprising, then, that corporate, academic, and public interest in business ethics has grown in recent years as people reflect on the way that business exercises its power and influence. 

Ethics Theory and Business Practice responds to that growing interest in business ethics by helping readers to think about what ethical and unethical business practice consist of. It does this by providing clear explanations of a number of ethics theories and by showing how they can be used to help us think about the ethicality of business activity.

This website offers range of teaching and learning materials for both students and lecturers, including:

For students:

  • Chapter Summaries will refresh your memory of the main topics covered in each chapter.
  • Self-test Questions are designed to test your understanding of key ideas presented in the book, ideal for revision.
  • Web-links will direct you to some fascinating online resources to further enhance your learning and illustrate how theory translates into practice.

For lecturers:

About the Author

After studying philosophy as an undergraduate Mick Fryer spent 25 years in private-sector management, during which he undertook an MBA and a PhD. He has subsequently lectured in business ethics at Aberystwyth and Loughborough Universities as well as working as a consultant author for the Open University


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