The Basics of Geomorphology

Key Concepts


Welcome to the companion website for The Basics of Geomorphology: Key Concepts by Kenneth Gregory and John Lewin.

This website offers chapter-by-chapter resources to accompany the study of the book, including:

  • tables and diagrams that are essential for understanding the text
  • chapter synopses
  • relevant articles in Progress in Physical Geography
  • a glossary of key concepts
  • the complete reference list given at the end of the textbook



'An ideal introduction to geomorphological concepts packaged in a user-friendly and non-threatening way.’

Heather Viles, University of Oxford

'As geomorphology has matured as a discipline, so it has developed a range of concepts which are fundamental for understanding it. This book, written by two leading geomorphologists, provides a very welcome first attempt to explain the major concepts in a concise and accessible way.' 

Andrew Goudie, University of Oxford

‘I highly recommend this book to those wishing for an up-to-date introductory overview of this rapidly changing science.'

Victor R. Baker, University of Arizona

‘This book is remarkable in the way that it acknowledges a wonderful plurality of conceptual frameworks and approaches, and explains them in a clear, engaging way.'

Jonathan Phillips, University of Kentucky 

The Basics provides a detailed description and analysis of the key concepts, ideas, and hypotheses that inform Geomorphology. This text:

  • explains the basic concepts of landform science in twenty chapters, each with a major theme, and cross referenced to other concepts.
  • uses the idea of the ‘geomorphic system’ to organise entries in four sections dealing with contexts, functions, adjustments, and drivers for future systems.

System contexts: The Systems Approach / Uniformitarianism / Landform / Form, Process and Materials / Equilibrium / Complexity and Non-linear Dynamical systems

System Functioning: Cycles and Cascades / Force-Resistance /Geomorphic Work/ Process-form Models

System Adjustments: Timescales / Forcings / Change Trajectories / Inheritance and Sensitivity / Anthropocene

Drivers for the Future: Geomorphic Hazards / Geomorphic Engineering / Prediction and Design

  • provides exhaustive web resources to enable further inquiry and research in greater depth

In-depth discussion of the key concepts that define Geomorphology, in one unique resource, fully supported by Web based materials. Aligned with the teaching literature, this innovative text provides a fully-functioning learning environment for study, revision, and even self-directed research for year two undergraduates and early-stage postgraduates.

Kenneth J. Gregory is Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton, and Emeritus Professor, University of London, UK.

John Lewin is an Emeritus Professor at Aberystwyth University. 



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