Sensation and Perception

Welcome to the companion website for Sensation and Perception by John Harris.

This website offers free teaching and learning resources for both lecturers and students.

For lecturers, this website offers:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Test Bank including 20 multiple choice questions per chapter


For students, this website offers:

  • Key Notes expand on material in the textbook, and further illustrate key concepts. You may be encouraged to perform a calculation and/or plot a graph, to understand better how, for example, different sources of visual information change their importance in different situations.
  • Demonstrations show important perceptual phenomena
  • Interactive multiple choice question quizzes


About the Book

‘John Harris has decades of experience on how to get students interested in perception. In his book, he draws on this experience to get the reader motivated in understanding the problems to be solved in perception research, the methods used and the often surprising insights gained ... A fun book to read.’

Manfred Fahle, Bremen University, Germany

‘The breadth of coverage is greater than most other textbooks of its type. The entertaining summaries and test questions will be enjoyed by undergraduates ... I shall be recommending this book to my students.’

Arnold Wilkins, University of Essex

Sensation and Perception is a wide-ranging textbook covering in detail the perceptual processes related to vision and hearing, taste and smell, touch and pain as well as the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Individual chapters cover separate topics including the fast-developing areas of perception of emotions and attractiveness and recognition of faces, plus newer topics not seen regularly in other textbooks, for example changes in perception throughout the lifespan and pathologies of perception.

Key features of this book:

  • Chapters begin with summaries of key topics and questions that you should be able to answer having read each chapter.
  • Chapters are interspersed with key points, textboxes putting spotlights on important pieces of research and ‘Thinking about Research’ sections, designed to encourage you to design your own studies.
  • Chapters close with ‘Test Yourself’ questions, a review of key terms and annotated further readings.

An essential textbook for psychology students taking a Sensation and Perception course at undergraduate level.


John Harris is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Reading, where he has taught about perception for over twenty years.