Exercise: Schedule

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The clip ‘The Schedule’ contains all of the conventions covered in Chapters 2 and 3:

Chapter 2

uncertain hearing                                     (word)                                            

unrecoverable speech                            (       )                               

two possible hearings                            (word1/word2)         


Chapter 3

Silence measured in seconds              (0.8)    

Micropause                                                  (.)         

overlap onset                                              [            

overlap offset                                              ]            

latching                                                          =           

Speeded up talk                                         ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols: >We mustn’t forget ◦that.<=

Slowed down talk                                     <seven thirdy.>

Stretched sounds                                      colons - of the whole word: ‘No::’ or a specific sound in the word: ‘N::o’

Cut-off sounds                                            A hyphen after a word or part of a word: bla-

Jump start                                                     the ‘less than’ symbol by itself: <He’s


The clip is from a video called Tiwa2. We are six seconds into that video. Glen, Helen (left) and Sybil (center) are housemates sitting together around a table. Helen and Sybil are working on their schedules together.  Transcribe the clip using the above symbols, and lay out using the conventions introduced in Chapter 2.

Tiwa2: The Schedule, 0:06

01 Helen:  Whaddeyou doing. Okay so we ­have [cla:ss at eight- at]=

02 Syb:    ((drops head onto table))         [  huh  huh  huh    ]=

03 Hel:    =ten.=right?

04 Syb:    ((Smiling)) Okay.=Let’s start all over.=

05         =[(A-) ((rips page out))

06 Hel:    =[A’right.

07         (.)

08 Hel:    So: >wu’time’re we< waking up. ((gaze to Sybil))

09         (1.0)

10 Syb:    I’m waking up at <seven thi[rdy.> ]

11 Hel:                               [O:kay,]>you’re wakin up<

12         at seven thirdy. °Me toohh°

13         (.)

14 Hel:    ((looking at phone,)) (I’ll write it down) (.)

15 Hel:    From seven,<Are you exercis­ing?


For explanation of the other conventions here, see Chapter 4.