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This site is intended to enhance your use of An Introduction to Text Mining, First Edition by Gabe Ignatow and Rada Mihalcea. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing your understanding of the material.

Teach students how to construct a viable research project based on online sources.

Gabe Ignatow and Rada Mihalcea's An Introduction to Text Mining: Research Design, Data Collection, and Analysis provides a foundation for readers seeking a solid introduction to mining text data. The book covers the most critical issues that must be taken into consideration for research projects, including web scraping and crawling, strategic data selection, data sampling, use of specific text analysis methods, and report writing. In addition to covering technical aspects of various approaches to contemporary text mining and analysis, the book covers ethical and philosophical dimensions of text-based research and social science research design.

We gratefully acknowledge Gabe Ignatow and Rada Mihalcea for writing an excellent text and for assistance in creating the ancillaries. Special thanks are also due to Aurelia Bunescu for preparing the assets on this site.