How To Do Research: 15 Labs for the Social & Behavioral Sciences

This site is intended to enhance your use of How To Do Research: 15 Labs for the Social & Behavioral Sciences, by Jane F. Gaultney and Hannah D. Peach. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing your understanding of the material. 

Designed to help students make the leap from learning about research to doing research, this manual provides an easy-to-understand walkthrough of the entire research process, from selecting a topic and conducting a literature review through presenting an APA-style paper or presentation. All of the 15 cross-disciplinary labs included are appropriate for use in the social, behavioral, and health sciences, and follow a consistent format: objective, description of a journal article, canned data, examples of what output should look like, pointers on interpreting the output, and a suggested activity for those who wish to collect their own data.


We gratefully acknowledge Jane F. Gaultney and Hannah D. Peach for writing an excellent text and for reviewing the assets to be hosted on this site.