Learning Tracks

Welcome to the website supporting Lindy Furby and Jilly Catlow’s Learning Tracks: Planning and Assessing Learning for Children with Severe and Complex Needs. To find out more about the book and the Learning Tracks booklet, click on the links below or click here to download your Learning Tracks Booklet. 



About Learning Tracks 

Learning Tracks is a planning and tracking document written to support the teaching of children and young people with severe and complex learning disabilities.

 It was designed by the authors whilst teaching at a school for children and young people with severe and complex learning disabilities. This easy to use method is ready to implement in any setting to help assess children at the lowest levels of learning. It gives you, in a snapshot, where to focus your efforts with a class, a group or an individual child in order to help them progress in a meaningful way. 

At the very early stages of learning the steps that children and young people make can be small but incredibly significant for them and those that teach them. However, it can be problematic to evidence and formally recognise these achievements and plan next steps.

 Learning Tracks presents a framework to recognise achievement at these early levels and plan for progression through challenge, breadth and application. 

The Learning Tracks framework for recognising achievement at very early levels of learning: 

  • Can help teachers understand the way their children may be learning
  • Offers a structure for planning the learning
  • How to access Learning Tracks Tracking Documents
  • Offers a vocabulary for describing the learning

How do I Access My Learning Tracks Booklet? 

The authors have provided a ready made Learning Tracks Booklet so you can begin using the system immediately. This is available as an editable pdf so you can personalise it to suit your individual needs and save it to your computer or print it out,  so you can use it flexibly and add in regular updates on individual children’s progress.

To download your free Learning Tracks Booklet click on Learning Tracks Booklet. You will then be prompted to either register as a new SAGE user and redeem your access code or log into your existing account and reedeem your code.