Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook

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This site is intended to enhance your use of Qualitative Data Analysis, 4e, by Matthew B. Miles, A. Michael Huberman, and Johnny Saldaña. It includes resources from the book and additional readings to further illuminate the process of qualitative data analysis. Available for download are:

  • Displays from the book
  • Appendix from the book
  • Selected bibliography compiled by author Johnny Saldaña

About the book:

Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook is the authoritative text for analyzing and displaying qualitative research data. The Fourth Edition maintains the analytic rigor of previous editions while showcasing a variety of new visual display models for qualitative inquiry. Graphics are added to the now-classic matrix and network illustrations of the original co-authors. Five chapters have been substantially revised, and the appendix’s annotated bibliography includes new titles in research methods. Graduate students and established scholars from all disciplines will find this resource an innovative compendium of ideas for the representation and presentation of qualitative data. As the authors demonstrate, when researchers “think display,” their analyses of social life capture the complex and vivid processes of the people and institutions studied.


We gratefully acknowledge Matthew B. Miles, A. Michael Huberman, and Johnny Saldaña for writing an excellent text and for reviewing the assets on this site. Special thanks are also due to Johnny for creating the ancillaries on this site.