SAGE Journal Articles

Read pages 249-256 in the book and connect the concepts with the articles. The Meyrick article is discussed on page 254 and is included in the “Further Resources” section at the end of the chapter, on page 256.  The Seale article is also included in this chapter’s “Further Resources”

Meyrick, J. (2006). What is good qualitative research? A first step towards a comprehensive approach to judging rigour/quality. Journal of Health Psychology, 11(5), 799–808.

Seale, C. (1999). Quality in qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry, 5(4), 465–478.

You may also want to consider the following article:

Brisbane, J. M., & Giglia, R. C. (2013). Experiences of expressing and storing colostrum antenatally: A qualitative study of mothers in regional Western Australia. Journal of Child Health Care19(2), 206-215.