Further Reading and Case Studies

Select chapters are supported by further reading and case studies. To read these additional resources just click on the relevant link below, which will open in a new window.


Chapter 1 – Mapping the World of Helping: The Place of Counselling Psychology

Mapping The World of Helping


Chapter 2 – Science, Craft and Professional Values

Discussion point on EAPs

Exercise on Metaphors

Discussion Point on Technology in Therapy

McDonaldization of Therapy


Chapter 3 – Designing your Life Map

Life Space Mapping


Chapter 5 – Engaging with Academia and Training Programmes

Engaging with Training and Academia


Chapter 9 – Conceptualising in Client Work

Three Therapeutic Approaches – Case Examples

Heather Sacco’s CAT Map


Chapter 10 – Diagnosis and Formulation in Medical Contexts

Evaluating the Adequacy of a Psychological Formulation


Chapter 12 – Working with Difference and Diversity

Considering Difference and Discrimination

Towards Anti-Oppressive Practice in Counselling Psychology


Chapter 13 – Developing Self-Care and Resilience

Developing Resilience and Self-Care – Web Resources


Chapter 15 – Toward Ethical Maturity in Counselling Psychology

Terri’s Dilemmas – Cross Cultural Issues and Competence


Chapter 16 – The Interface between Psychopharmacological and Psychotherapeutic Approaches

Psychodynamic Perspectives

Psychotropic Drugs

Questions to Discuss with Clients

Case Examples

Implications for Therapeutic Practice

Summary of Research


Chapter 18 – The Evolving World of Cognitive and Mindfulness-Based Interventions

An Introduction to Mindfulness in End of Life Care

Good-Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses

Kolb’s Learning Cycle Applied to Teaching MBCT

Books on CBT

Examples of Socratic Questions

Structure of Cognitive Therapy Across Sessions

Inviting a Difficulty in and Working with it Through Emotion

Web Resources for Mindfulness

A Few Books on Approaches in Mindfulness

MBCT Programme


Chapter 22 – Community Psychology and the Counselling Psychologist

Internet Resources for Community and Critical Psychology and Allied Fields


Chapter 26 – Counselling Psychology in Educational Settings

Links to Resources on Helplines for Drug Abuse, Counselling and Suicide


Chapter 28 – Working as a Counselling Psychologist in Forensic Contexts

Links to Resources on Working in Forensic Settings


Chapter 30 – Working as a Counselling Psychologist in Primary Care

The NHS in Scotland

A Day in the Life of …. A Chartered Counselling Psychologist


Chapter 31 – The Role of Counselling Psychology in Secondary Adult Mental Health Care

The NHS in Scotland

A Day in the Life of a Counselling Psychologist (1)

A Day in the Life of a Counselling Psychologist (2)


Chapter 32 – Research: From Consumer to Producer

Experiences in Bereavement and Family Meaning-Making (Abstract)

Experiences in Bereavement [PowerPoint]

Mental Health and Anomalous Experience (Abstract)

Online Youth Counselling and Therapy Poster [PowerPoint]

Post-Traumatic Growth (Abstract)


Chapter 33 – The Transition from Trainee to Qualified Counselling Psychologist

Navigating the Transition to Professional Life [PowerPoint]

Further Resources

Pilot Survey Results

Study Guide – Self-Reflection Questions


Chapter 34 – Leading and Managing

Leadership and Management


Chapter 36 – Becoming a Trainer

Having Difficult Discussions with Trainees about Competence Problems

Summary of Wlodkowski’s Skills and Characteristics of Motivating Instructors

Adapting Instruction to the Level of Knowledge of Trainees