SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1

Suwankhong, D. and Liamputtong, P. (2015). Cultural insiders and research fieldwork: Case examples from cross-cultural research with Thai people. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 2015, 1-7.

Questions that apply to this article:

  1. How does culture interact with genre and design in qualitative research?
  2. In what ways may sharing identity inform design?
  3. What considerations may you need to take if you are a primarily an outsider to a culture?

Article 2

Lee, J. (2014). Genre-appropriate judgments of qualitative research. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 44(3), 316-348.

Questions that apply to this article:

  1. What are the major genres of qualitative research?
  2. What do researchers consider within these genres?
  3. How does qualitative inquiry lead to learning?