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This site is intended to enhance your use of Implementation Monitoring and Process Evaluation by Ruth P. Saunders.

This practical guide helps readers understand and use the steps that program planners and evaluators take in implementing and monitoring a new program, policy, or practice in an organizational setting. The book covers the entire process, from planning, to carrying out the plan, and summarizing, reporting, and using the results. A wide range of real-world examples in the book are drawn from health, education, non-profit organizations, and public administration, and an extended case study, Your Turn boxes, and worksheet templates help readers apply concepts to their own projects. Ideal for practitioners, researchers, and students, this book can be used as a primary text for a process evaluation or an implementation monitoring course or as a supplemental text in a broader program evaluation course.

On this website, you may download a zip file of all the worksheets in the book, as well as selected tables, or navigate through the chapter pages for individual files.


We gratefully acknowledge Ruth P. Saunders for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.