The Essay Writing Kit

The online tool kit for improving student academic writing



The Essay Writing Kit is a tried and tested interactive writing course for students, designed to equip them with the tools they need to tackle the daunting task of writing academic essays.  Fully compatible with your university's Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System, it’s ideal for use both in the classroom and for independent student study.

The course includes 10 modules covering all the key aspects of essay writing, from grammar and punctuation, to style and form, right through to referencing. Each unit teaches a specific skill and breaks this down into step-by-step guidance.  Each new topic kicks off with a video tutorial explaining the concept. After watching the video students are then prompted to read the introduction before testing their understanding by trying the exercises at the end of each section. It is as easy as WATCH, READ, TRY.


Why use The Essay Writing Kit?

  • It addresses 10 key essay writing skills – providing a comprehensive package of instruction
  • 24/7 access – fully compatible with your institution's virtual learning environment and accessible for use by students on and off campus
  • Flexible and time-saving – it can be used in class or assigned to students for self-guided learning
  • Videos explain each skill – providing step-by-step demonstration, ideal for students with additional needs.



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