Practice exercises

Here are weblinks to provide additional resources so that you can complete the below exercises:

Click on the following links, which will open in a new window.

Exercise 1: Download and install RStudio

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R that provides many useful features, including dedicated tabs for packages and plots, an editor for R scripts, a workspace window to view the objects in your current project, a searchable command history, and more.

Exercise 2: Import and map vector data

Visit to import a world map into R

Exercise 3: Geocoding and web mapping using the ggmap package

You can get a good overview of the available functions and some examples of how they can be used by going to the PDF manual associated with the ggmap package.

Exercise 4: Mapping with the GISTools package

Documentation on the GISTools package can be found at

Exercise 5: Mapping Twitter data with R

For this exercise we once again return to the streamR package.

Exercise 6: Using R with GRASS

For more on using R in GRASS, see

Exercise 7: Creating an interactive web map in R with Shiny

For tutorials, reference, and a gallery of existing projects made with Shiny, go to