Using IBM® SPSS® Statistics

An Interactive Hands-On Approach

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Using IBM® SPSS® Statistics: An Interactive Hands-On Approach, Third Edition gives readers an accessible and comprehensive guide to walking through SPSS®, providing them with step-by-step knowledge for effectively analyzing their data. From entering data to working with existing databases, and working with the help menu through performing factor analysis, Using IBM® SPSS® Statistics covers every aspect of SPSS® from introductory through intermediate statistics. The book is divided into parts that focus on mastering SPSS® basics, dealing with univariate statistics and graphing, inferential statistics, relational statistics, and more. Written using IBM® SPSS® version 25 and 24, and compatible with the earlier releases, this book is one of the most comprehensive SPSS® guides available.


We gratefully acknowledge James Aldrich for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.