Ancillary Materials

On this webpage we provide accompanying material to statistical software programs to generate vignette samples and vignette texts.

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You may download all resources in one zip file here:  Auspurg_Hinz_Supplements


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General Materials

Fairness of Earnings Example
All examples are based on the fairness of earnings example used in our book. To better comprehend the material it will be helpful to have a compact overview on this example (e.g. how the different dimensions and levels are coded, what combinations are defined as being implausible, etc.). This is provided in this pdf document, so we recommend you first have a look at this before using the further files. Furthermore, it could also serve as a template for drafting one’s own FS project.

A glossary of the technical terms used in the book. 

Chapter-Specific Materials

These files provide additional material and illustrations for the practical steps described in the textbook. These files are named after the chapters they belong to (e.g. §3_documents belong to Chapter 3). 

Each chapter has a PDF with an overview to study first, and the remaining materials in the second file. 

3. Setting Up the Experimental Design

› §3 D-efficient Designs PDF

› )3_material

4. Setting Up the Survey

› §4 Vignette Texts PDF

› )4_material

5. Data Analyses

› §5 Data Preparation and Data Analyses PDF

› )5 material


Recent Developments and Research Activities

There are many dynamic ongoing research activities. In response to these, we will try to keep pace by updating our accompanying online material. We would greatly appreciate any additional information that readers can provide in this regard. Please also have a look at our personal websites for recent material or activities (including workshops related to multifactorial survey experiments).