Video and Multimedia

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Joel Bakan, The Corporation (freeware version), September 2, 2014 (2 hours 25 minutes),
This documentary examines the origins, growth, roles, and impact of corporations, adopting a critical perspective of the harm resulting from corporate actions. Multiple interviews, examples, and case studies are included.

“The Story of Citizens United v FEC,” The Story of Stuff Project (9 minutes),
“’The Story of Citizens United v. FEC’ explores the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy. The movie explores the history of the American corporation and corporate political spending, the appropriate roles of citizens and for-profit corporations in a democracy and the toxic impact the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is having on our political process. It ends with a call to amend the U.S. Constitution to confirm that people—not corporations—make the decisions in a democracy.”

Case Study: Religion

“Hobby Lobby,” Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO, June 30, 2014 (6 minutes),
A look at the question of religious rights for corporations in relation to the provision of contraception in employee healthcare programs.

Caution: This is a comedy program and involves strong language.