Games, activities and teaching resources

The activities and ideas in this book are all ready to use with a minimum of preparation. The only equipment needed is what is commonly available in the classroom or easily purchased: dominoes, dice, playing cards and number cards, Cuisenaire rods and base-ten blocks, paper and pencil.

Here you can find printable resources for games, puzzles and activities.

Download this Introduction to concrete manipulative materials to better understand how these materials can support learning.

Cuisenaire rods leaflet

Digit cards and box

Digit cards (multiples of 10)

Digit cards (negative numbers)

Domino cards 

Marching On game boards

More Factors game board

Multiplication and division word problems 

Name the Factors game board

Plus or Minus game templates 

Skeleton number lines for exploring the times tables patterns

The Multiples game board (1–6) 

The Multiples game board (4–9)