Praise for 'Understanding Nursing and Healthcare':

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, engaging and accessible.

Julie Crane, Head of Directorate of Nursing, University of Liverpool

This well written book leads the reader through the complex research journey in an exceptionally coherent manner, stopping along the way to carefully explain each stage .The real life examples add clarity and the activities engage the reader to think critically about how they can develop their own research ideas.
Karen Rawlings-Anderson, Senior Lecturer, City University London

This is an essential text for the novice researcher. The authors guide the student through the research journey ensuring that they know what to do and why. The clinical examples and suggested activities bring to life what can be a difficult process thus resulting in a fulfilling educational experience.

Anne Manning, Senior Lecturer, City University London

This is a very readable and comprehensive text for those wanting to understand the research process. It offers a one stop logical step by step approach to the research process and will guide health professionals through concept, design, data collection, interpretation and dissemination. A valuable text for researchers and clinicians alike.

Elaine Lennan, Consultant Nurse, University Hospital Southampton