About the Book

Drawing together the best of text, video and interactive material for the definite guide to adult nursing.

This one-stop-shop will enable students to understand the core aspects of care, learn the essential nursing skills and knowledge that underpin practice, deal with the complexities of the role and apply their learning to common conditions and patient groups. It has been developed in line with the 2018 NMC standards to provide a complete learning resource for adult nursing students.

Key features

  • Blends the best of print and online learning with a companion website for further study and 12 months free access to an electronic version of the book further bringing the material to life.
  • Uses patient-centred care and evidence-based practice as guiding principles throughout.
  • Clear and engaging features help students to understand the core theory and knowledge, apply it nursing practice, go further in their independent study and revise for assessments and exams.

Designed to make learning flexible and fun leaving students better prepared for practice and ready to thrive in their future careers.