Activity 17.2: Reflective practice

Reflect on the experiences described in the film and how each person has adapted to their changing life at home:


1. What adaptations are maintaining their independence?

  • Moving closer to family for support
  • Aids and adaptations to the environment including rails, walk in shower and stair lift
  • Changes to the environment such as moving a bed downstairs
  • Reducing the space used daily in the house or garden to reduce maintenance
  • Support and help from others to with daily living including personal care, eating and drinking, mobility, leaving the home and finances.

2. What factors might cause their move from their home to hospital or care setting?

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Lack of timely and appropriate aids and adaptions
  • Cluttered and congested living spaces
  • Uneven walking surfaces and stairs
  • Deterioration in cognition
  • Reduction of opportunities to mobilise.