Activity 19.2: Health promotion

What are the opportunities for health promotion here?

Margaret has several health related issues which are linked including possible harmful drinking, hypertension, low mood, poor sleep and pain, and opportunities exist here for screening and identification, increasing knowledge, provision of education, enhancing motivation in order that Margaret may be able to increase control and self-management of condition.

Which area will you focus on and why?

You have probably considered that these issues are interlinked and perhaps that there is more than one area to work on. The focus area may be on screening and identification of alcohol problems and addressing this early to reduce/prevent harmful effects of drinking on physical and mental health. Margaret has both hypertension and depression which means she is at increased risk of harm from alcohol. Opportunity exists here to assess alcohol consumption, screen for harmful drinking and carry out an alcohol brief intervention. The following link provides information on the tools involved in the screening process, some guidance on the framework for delivery within primary care: