Activity 20.5: Critical thinking

Consider this situation from the perspective of the two models of risk, between safety first and enablement and independence.

You should consider what you know about diagnosis and the range of concerns about other health issues. While Peter’s autonomy and choice must be respected he could be depressed or have other health conditions. It may be a better option to explore with him what he feels about the situation.

Here is another example: John lives at home with his wife and has moderately advanced dementia. He goes out each day with his dog for a walk. His son is annoyed that his mum allows his dad to go out alone and says he is in danger.

While John may well be at risk of falls or getting lost as a result of dementia, he appears to have made the choice to walk each day with his dog. His wife supports him in this but his son does not.

The decisions made in relation to Peter and John must take into account capacity, best interests, benefit and the least restrictive approach. Any decisions must include the wishes of Peter and John and family members should be consulted if appropriate.